ZEN ART • BY SU BYRON • published Sunday June 3, 2018 • Herald Tribune Sarasota FL

The gong is 220 years old — a creation of hand-carved teak and hammered brass. It came from a palace in central Java. Today, you can find it in Sarasota at Blue Dharma Fine Art. It’s only one of the many wonders you’ll find in this new art space in Towles Court. Owner Bill Bowers’ eclectic venue boasts rare teak furniture from Indonesia and Thailand; Betty Greenspan’s gorgeous botanical arrangements; and Bowers’ own original artwork — exuberant expressions of a spontaneous style he calls “Zen Expressionism.” The artist notes that, “This style of painting works to balance both hemispheres of the brain and enhance meditation.” He adds that finding the right art is part of your own dharma path. “When a work of art touches you, that means it’s really meant for you. No artwork is complete until it finds its way to the right home.” This month’s concurrent exhibitions include “New Works by Bill Bowers” and “Orchids of the Mind,” a homage to Salvador Dali by several artists.

Opening reception is June 15, from 5-7 p.m. 1938 Adams Lane, Towles Court, Sarasota; 941-301-1409